Is organic dipping powder better than other nail colour products?

Having pretty and attractive nails is definitely every woman’s dream as nails are an important part of hands and beautiful nails make the hands look beautiful. They take so much care of their nails by getting timely manicures because pretty nails need maintenance. Nowadays there are so many options available for nail colours like acrylics, gel, and dipping powder and people always want the best and long-lasting ones. At present organic dipping powders are trending everywhere, girls are rushing to the salons to get their manicures done by this new nail art process. It is said that dipping powders are better than acrylics and gels and are long-lasting. Let’s know some of the incredible benefits of such nail dipping powders available organically with us.

Advantages of using organic dipping powder for nails

There are several benefits that make dipping powder for nails the best way to keep them healthy. Some of them are,

  • Long-lasting – Dipping powders are probably the best if you are looking for long-lasting nail color. It is likely to last up to three to four weeks if done properly by a professional.
  • Easy to dry – Unlike gel polish, it does not need UV lights to dry. After the base coat is applied the nails are dipped in the powder, then the excess powders are brushed off and lastly, the topcoat is applied which takes mostly two to five minutes to dry up.
  • No harmful smells – Unlike gel polish and acrylics, organic dipping powder does not have a strong and harmful smell as they do not contain chemicals that can make them smell so bad.


It must be noted that if the salons are not hygienic enough then it is a risk to get the manicures done. A brush should be used for the clients while using powder rather than dipping the nails inside the bottle as the bacteria inside the nails may get into the bottle. We offer a completely hygienic kit to ensure a harmless and safe service to you.

So to get a perfect manicure by using organic dipping powder, you should have all the necessary information regarding the process and the salon. The Little Nails Shop in Fresno, CA has all the necessary equipment and trained professionals who can guarantee customer satisfaction. Also, we will assist you always to resolve all your queries and confusion regarding the organic dipping powder and the application process. So if you are thinking of getting a manicure do visit The Little Nails Shop which takes care of all the measures not only to meet your preferences but also the health of your nails. Contact us now to get beautiful and well-managed nails here with us.

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